Error code 1

Hello, there is such a situation. My friend and I decided to play on the same account, he from an iOS device, I from Android. We both have an error code 1 when trying to log in. Is there any way to solve this problem, or can staff synchronize the account? We tried to find the answer to the question on the forum, tried everything and nothing helped

UPD: I forgot to add, they corrected it below. I need him to come in and buy a subscription, and I’ll play

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Dont quote me on this, but i dont thik you can play together on the same account.

Yes, I meant that I played on the account, and he went in and bought a subscription

So just to clarify, you are both signed into the account and your friend then purchased a subscription on that account, is that correct?

Yes, but in order for him to buy, you need to log into your IFC account and Google. The account is registered on android, and he has an iOS, and as a result, he gets an error code 1, and I need to find out if it is possible to somehow synchronize two devices with two different operating systems

Hello there!

To use your account and subscription on a different device that is either using a different platform (iOS or Android), or different account in the store - you need to have your account connected to a Community profile.

This is done from the device where you have access to your subscription, by going into Settings → Account and tap the “Connect” button and then enter your Community credentials.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to use your account and subscription from any device using the most recent version of Infinite Flight by simply signing in with your Community credentials.

More information can be found here:

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Just saw your email now @Yankee - it’s been fixed :)