Error code 0

hello when i want buy infinite flight pro i get the message “the operation couldnt be completed error 0.” i have a iphone 11 ios 15.5 so latest one, can someone please help

Operating system:


Can I get a screenshot because I don’t know the situation?

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Can you restart the device and try again?

Try deleting and redownloading the app!

already did it multiple times still doesnt work

it didnt work😕

If there is a usable iPad etc., I will link it to IFC after purchasing it with the same credit card as the iPhone. After that, logging in with your IFC account from your iPhone is not a direct solution, but it is one of them.
I’m thinking about a more decent way now …

will it also work with an android tablet??

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would love to hear your other ideas😁

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I think it’s okay to use an android tablet. !!

Someone from the support team will be able to assist you.

Are you trying to purchase a subscription when you get this error? You could try signing out of your App Store, and sign back in. Close Infinite Flight and stop it running in the background and relaunch it.

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yes im trying to buy a pro subscription, it didnt work another way maybe?

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This specific error is originating from App Store and not from the app.
From where did you download the app from? Is your device jailbreaked or anything similar?

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no just from the appstore, you think theres a solution??

Well, as mentioned the reason is caused by an error in App Store.

You could try the following in the precise order given:

  1. Sign out of App Store as mentioned earlier by @Levet - but do not sign back in.
  2. Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  3. Restart your device fully (power down and then back up)
  4. Sign back in to App Store.
  5. Reinstall Infinite Flight from App Store.

Unfortunately it didn’t work but is when I want to purschase infinite flight pro on a android tablet do I have to make a account, or is the account connected to the Google play account,

If it’s connected to the google play account I would still be able to log in with my iPhone right.

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No. There’s no way for the app to know what email you use for your Google Play Account.

You need to have the account connected to your Community profile. That way you can use it across platforms.

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