Error. Can’t park in a gate.

I’m trying to spawn at gate 28 at OAK and someone is in gate 27 but it won’t let me.
I’m in an event and I need to be in gate 28.
What should I do?

You need to choose another gate. The spawn restriction does not take into account planned events or assignments.

I can’t
I have a assigned gate for an event.

It is a bug. Like if the wing tip of a plane enters the area of your gate you can’t spawn. Even if you know you can easily spawn there.

Contact the director of the event to get your gate changed

Forgot to add I spawn in before but then IF started being laggy so I reloaded IF and now it’s not me.

  1. What event are you in?
  2. Try Closing and reopening the app.
    3)Contact the creator of the event.
  3. If none works, than you should just cancel your event spot. Or just spawn somewhere else even though it’s your assigned gate.

Yeah it does that. Which plane are you in?

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I’m in @BigBert10 s event

We were both in 737s

Oh you are all swa 73s.

I would think he would do it in sjc, not oak, but contact @BigBert10 or and spawn somewhere else.

@BigBert10 s event at OAK

I think it’s just glitch. Sorry I got go eat. Good luck!

That’s in SJC, not OAK, you should still restart the app just in case.

My bad…

That didn’t work

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Okay, contact @BigBert10 and spawn somewhere else.

Never mind
Had to restart it two times
Thank you for your help
Mod can close it now

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