Error -506 when Downloading new Update

Device specs:

  • NVDIDA SHIELD K1 tablet running Android 7.0, latest security patch.

Hello! Recently, the update that added the DC-10, MD-11, air refuelling, etc. Came out. A few days after that update, I noticed another update was available (presumably to fix some issues with crashing, I didn’t have them). When I tried to download the update, however, I received an error -506.

I have received this error in the past, and it is very strange and hard to pin down a cause for. Here is some information on things I have found, however.

  • It happens with both app updates and downloads.

  • Downloading a mirrored version of the app off the internet will work just fine.

  • It happens to random apps, but any app that has the error is doomed to have the error persist.

  • Redownloading yields the same error.

  • Factory resetting the device will solve the problem temporarily, but the error will come back after about two months.

  • It is a client-side error because it happens when installing the app, not downloading it.

Now here’s what I have tried so far:

  1. I have tried clearing the cache and data of the Google play store, download manager, Google play services, and infinite flight.

  2. I have not tried to redownload the app because I fear the error will persist and I will not be able to have IF at all.

  3. I have tried various ‘cleaning’ tools (I have never trusted those things).

  4. I have tried praying to the Lord for a miracle, screaming in despair, and giving up and playing on the outdated version.

Send help.


I suggest try to reinstall because looked like you have tried most everything else.

Hmm, okay I will try it.

And it can’t really hurt due to your not losing any downloaded planes.
Edit. The only person who could identify the error would be a mod who could ask a developer like Laura.

Actually scratch that, I won’t, that might cause other problems.

It’s a Christmas miracle! It worked!


Mark his post as the soloution so the mods know to close the topic 🙂