Errigal's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @N/A

OK I will be coming in a few :)

@Errigal why are you sending me go-arounds?

Plane on a runway I’ll give landing permission now.

You’re neglecting to give sequences in the pattern so that everybody knows who they’re following, and clearances in good time. The order of calls is:

  • Pattern entry (at takeoff, runway change or on inbound)
  • Sequence in the pattern and who to follow
  • Clearance in order

Try to give the sequence soon after takeoff so the pattern order is clear, and give clearance when you are sure it will not change. Allow for aircraft joining the pattern and changing the order!

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Thanks for the feedback and I’ll be working to successfully achieve another procedure or skill each time I have a session.

Thanks to everyone who joined this session! Now closed.

Hey LHARDY64 here, this is my feedback:


  • when I requested pushback, my aircraft was not able to pushback, a taxi should have been issued
  • Nice job when I requested frequency change!
  • Nice job with the hold short of runway 06
  • when ToasterStroodie was doing a touch and go, I would have recommended giving me a Line up and wait command

First Pattern:

  • Might want to work on giving pattern instructions, sequencing, and clearing a bit easier (aim for early downwind or late cross wind
  • Forgot to give me a pattern entry and sequencing
  • No need to clear me twice

Second Pattern:

  • Late clearance, I had to remind you
  • Again no sequencing
  • Good call on the G/A
  • I was closing the gap with G-PMKY and you either did nothing about it or didnt notice

Overall you did pretty good but I was mostly pointing out things I noticed you did wrong. And remember the order is Pattern entries, sequencing (if any), then clearance!

PM me if you have any questions!

No need for a pattern entry after “cleared for takeoff, make right traffic” - that instruction is a pattern entry on its own. But do remember the sequence 🙂

I think you’d benefit from reviewing The Perfect ATC Test. It’s 15 minutes long but there’s a lot in there, particularly the pattern handling a few minutes in.

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Open at LFMN Nice

Training Server and pattern work is welcomed! Hopefully there can be a nice amount of traffic!

May I ask for how long would you open? Cause I’m on my own tracking thread now lol

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I was initially thinking about a half an hour but maybe more. 45 minutes or so.

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I’ll come and do a few patterns after I close SKBO.

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Thank you very much!

Ok I’ll drop by after PGUA is closed

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Thanks a lot! You do need a little bit of traffic so you do.

On my way!

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Sorry @That_Mango I’m still learning transitions. That’s one part I’m not at yet.

Oh, alright. To get the altitude for a transition it’s just: Airport Elevation + 2500ft.

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Well that’s great to know! I should get that right next time! Thank you very much! 😄

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