Errigal's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @N/A

I’ve always wanted to learn and train up to be an ATC here on Infinite Flight, although I understand the basics after reading many posts here on the community, I just wanted some clarification on how well I’m doing. I have seen a post on asking people to go to an airport to test your ATC skills like this one: BritishAirways001 ATC Tracking Thread [Closed] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED PRACTICAL Soon]

I know I’m not ready for IFATC at the minute and haven’t reached the requirements (and stupidly got a violation putting me to grade 2 again), but I was wondering if a few people could join me at Dublin (EIDW) for some flights and give some feedback please. (Hopefully not too ruthless, but constructive) as I know for a fact that I’m nowhere near ready, but as I previously said, if a few people could come to EIDW at 16:30 UK Time today it would be great. Thanks if anyone can make it. Greatly appreciated.

I’m doing Tower and Ground and sorry if I mess up…

Hey there! I’m glad to see you’re wishing to brush up on your ATC skills. Feel free to follow this tutorial and create a tracking thread like the one you linked, and people will be sure to stop by!


Well thank you for putting my thread as a example

For the avoidance of doubt, 16:30 UK is currently 3:30 PM

Also it’s my first time… And i’m nervous…

Don’t be! Once you get used to everything, it will be a piece of cake for you. :)

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Closing after only 15 minutes? I didn’t even make it to the runway…

Sorry but I was confused about something and didn’t want to mess it up for anyone so I closed to figure it out. @powdarrmonkey open again sorry

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes on the training server, that’s what it’s for 🙂

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I was flying as G-PMKY. Ok, basics:

  • Aircraft asking to take off and remain in the pattern are going to do circuits (“patterns”); you need to give them a direction with their takeoff clearance, and this is the direction of the pattern they will then enter. Correct control of a pattern is a key part of the IFATC practical exam.
  • All inbound aircraft require pattern entry (if not already in it), sequence (if required) and then clearance. These calls and that order are mandatory.
  • A “touch and go” request requires you to clear an aircraft “for the option”; this authorises the pilot to do a touch and go, stop and go, low approach or landing at their discretion.
  • A transition is a request to pass through, or transition, your airspace. If you allow the transition, you must give a minimum altitude which is within the airspace. Hint: 12,000’ is not within EIDW tower’s airspace.

Your ground control is fine and your handling of departures is smooth. You can be more proactive about handing aircraft off onto other frequencies as they leave your airpace.

I admire your approach of learning from other tracking threads first, and then putting your learning into practice. But it’s not always easy to infer from the tracking threads what was going on without having the replays available to watch. I suggest you use the ATC manual as your primary resource, practice regularly as you are today, and follow other controllers’ tracking threads to pick up tips (you can also fly patterns for them, and I’m sure they’ll reciprocate).

You might also find it helpful to avoid complex or popular airports like EIDW, and stick to smaller sites which will not attract lots of departures. That will let you practice pattern handling without too many other things going on. Start with a single runway, then move up to parallel runways as required for the practical.

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Thank you so much @powdarrmonkey and I’ll definitely take all this on board and as I’ve said, I’m still in the early stages. Thanks 😀

Would Shannon (EINN) be a better option then?

Hey Errigal, a little feedback of your session at EIDW. I requested take-off clearance for some patterns but I only received take-off clearance without a direction. Therefore I chose right-hand circuit. Because I did not receive a clearence on the end of downwind I reported my position for T&G but the only reply was a “roger”. I repeated this on final with the same result. I initiated a go-around because without a clearance I cannot land.
When pilots want to do patterns, give them a take-off clearance with the direction you want or is feasible with terrain. On crosswind or downwind, sequence if necessary and clear them for the option.
When they request another rwy, give them a pattern entry for that rwy, sequence them if necessary and clear them for the option with the direction for the following circuits. Once the direction is given just clear them for the option for the following circuits.
Cheers Stef (oo-lxv)

@Stef_Smet I’ll take it all on board

Shannon would be a good single runway choice and so would Waterford (EIWF); popular parallels include LFBO, KDAL and KVAD.

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How often should you open in an airport and open the tracking thread? @ShaneAviation @powdarrmonkey I’m not sure who to ask 😅

Hey! I would recommend opening when you are focused and have time to do so, and also in popular times such as evening in the US or Europe.

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I have opened today already, but have time to do a session. Is that fine then?

Of course, you can open whenever you want mate

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Open at Shannon Airport (EINN) and hopefully got the direction part of takeoff right this time. Sorry if I don’t. Not sure who to tag so I just hope I get a few aircraft :)

Transitioning is still to complicated so… One thing at a time!