Erratic Flight Controls even with Autopilot Ipad mini 4 IF 23.3.3

Hello all, So I got an ipad mini 4, running IF. All has been well, except starting yesterday, I was taking off in a TBM, and the flight controls got very irratic and I ended up stalling and crashing. I calibrated, and tried again and the same thing happened. Tried again, setting autopilot heading and VS climb. The erratic controls overrode the autopilot causing it to crash again. I tried the airbus A320, and the same thing happened with autopilot at a different airport. I delete IF, reset my Ipad and redownload only to have it happen again. Anyone else have this issue? It seems to be as soon as I start climbing out it gets worse and worse, until it stalls out. Any assistance? Thanks **Device**: **Operating system**:

I would do a hard restart on the device. It is done by pressing volume up and down quickly and then holding the power button until your screen turns off and when see the apple logo let go off the power button. Try this and let me know. Remember it doesn’t delete anything from your device it just properly clears RAM memory.

It wont let me do the power up, down, and hold the power. I tried a reset, and doing a flight now. Will lyk. Thank you!

It is a standard procedure of restarting any iPad or iPhones. u just have to do it simultaneously. lmk if it worked :) you’re welcome

Yeah I have never been able to get that to work on the ipad, but I did a pattern around the airport and everything seemed fine. I did notice that after I turned off the autopilot, my controls seemed way more sensitive than before A/P was enabled. I think besides that, all is well!

Great! its the same way u turn off your iPad.

Im trying another flight and so far its good. I noticed while on the ground, I would set my trim for the usual amount but It would go straight into the red after a few seconds. I would have to recalibrate, and it would do it again and again. Is this maybe what was causing that issue earlier?

Yes. The same thing happens to me as well. I use the Ipad 10.5 and it does occur with the a320 family. Even tho I have Infinte flight assistant and the correct v speeds set. Either I use an unrealistic climb speed or unrealistic power setting.

Alright so I did some testing and I can better say how it feels when this happens. On landing, I turned off my autopilot, and it was pretty stable. Than it hits this phase where the plane feels like it is about to stall (despite being 200 knots on final on purpose). Movements to either side begin small and increase pretty drastically. Same for pitch. I will push the nose forward, and it will incrementally start coming down, than I pull it back, and it takes forever to respond and does the same small but larger pitch by the second. It oscillates violently until it stalls or goes into a spin. Does the same for any A/C

Is your aircraft over weight? and what trim % u are using?

10 percent for trim. 0 pax 0 bags. It happens on any plane.

Maybe your sensitivity is very high?

I have default except for the yaw (34) and pitch is at 75

Unfortunately then Idk what’s wrong and I won’t miss guide u.

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Its getting worse now. I cant even climb out without it doing this craziness.

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