ERJ series refresh

The ERJ series as a whole needs updated, as global rolled out many people began to look at long range planes thinking Europe to US, Asia to Australia, etc. but I saw a different side of it, being able to fly the whole world does not nessarly mean long haul, most of the flights in the world are short haul. The ERJ plays a crucial role in this, and I think limiting number of airlines, and limited range of the standard version we have in IF severally lower the number of people who fly this amazing aircraft. Personally I think we need more refreshes before we get more new aircraft, but you may think otherwise. At any rate, this is a beautiful aircraft that needs updated…

There already exists a topic concerning an ERJ rework, please search before posting.


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Sorry I just rechecked, I made the mistake of thinking if I searched E170 rework it would come up in the first few, but it was down the list, my mistake sorry…

It’s fine man we all do it :)