Erj release

I haven’t been active in the game and in the community because of High School Golf so, just curious, when is the Erj being released?I remember reading something about it being released between April and May I think, am I correct?!

Nothing has been mentioned about the release date, and unless it comes from an official source (staff), it’s likely made up. Infinite Flight also do not usually give release date, so what you’re likely hearing is just a rumour.

There might also be some slight delays to when it’ll release as some of their 3D artists were directly affected by the Ukraine-Russia conflict. That said, it is expected to release anytime between now and the 31st of December, 2022.


Erj will release when its ready. No one knows

Coming Soon™


Good things come to those that wait :)

For now, let’s all keep an eye out for official updates such as WIP screenshots on social media.