Erj release questions

Is there a chance that the Erj will be released during Christmas due too the “delays”?

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Woah, Christmas?

In all seriousness, the ERJ will be out soon. And yes, the ERJ has been pushed back due to the “situation” happening between Ukraine and Russia, #prayforukraine,


Here’s how it is:
It has the largest chance of being released…

… when it’s ready to be released.

I know this probably comes as a surprise to some, but it’s the truth :)


Lol, this is very surprising, I can’t wait though!!

It’s been confirmed to come in 22.7, but things can change at any time due to development issues

Where did you see that?

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in their past social media posts


That explains a lot… 😅

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In a comment Jason said it would be out before Christmas, other than that it will be released when it’s released.


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