ERJ-190 Empress of London City

The Embraer ERJ-190 is a short/medium range regional airliner that can carry up to 100 passengers. In 2010, it was certified for the steep approach into London City Airport. To complete the testing, Embraer painted this aircraft in a special livery called, Empress of London City, for seven days of operational trials. Due to the success of this testing, the ERJ-190 is now used by BA CityFlyer at EGLC. The special livery really fits this aircraft, and would be a great addition to the E-Jet family in IF. (Photo Credit: Flickr)

Wow…beautiful livery

Please give Photo Credit to the photographer, there are billions of pics on Flickr.
Also specify source

The photo was posted to Flickr by cv880m, though it does not give credit to the photographer. It also states, this photo is public.

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How does spirit airlines end up in Europe?

The photo was taken at KFLL, probably stopping there while being ferried to EGLC.

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Well actually no, if it was departing from KFLL, it could’ve been going to TNCM as I’ve seen videos of it landing there quite a few times.

Anyway, a beautiful livery, I deleted one of my votes to vote for this one!


What airline is it that use this specific aircraft livery?

No airline, its used by the test aircrafts I believe. If you look at the tail, it’s the Embraer livery.

I think I’m going to have to remove a vote for this, it looks so good!

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I love Embraer they really do think out of the box and that’s what I like about them

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spirt airlines is in the Caribbean, this express of London city is based in the Caribbean too…ive seen it on Flightradar24

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Ok, thanks very much

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