ERJ-190 Cockpit

I was wondering if any of you could post a picture of the EJ-190 cockpit I have been thinking buying it but id like to see the cockpit.

I wish I had pictures, but it’s pretty bland and boring, it’s a cockpit, but it isn’t all that great. The plane flies like a beast, though!

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I have the ERJ-175 I love how it flies and how easy it is to fly I just wish the cockpit was updated.

Its one of my favorites to fly but the cockpit definitely needs to be upgraded. I give the cockpit a 6.5/10

It has the same cockpit as the E-175, so you already know what it looks like.

Okay I was just looking at it because of the Jetblue livery.

Ya the cockpits crap but Its probably the smoothies plane to fly.

Do you think you could make a form and rest of the community vote on if we should update the EEJ’s Cockpit?

Thank you very much!!!

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No problem! Happy to help. :)

I’ll check it out.

There’s a topic already about it.

Activated instriments and rudder to explain the cockpit


  • Perfect for smaller airports like EGLC
  • Easy to handle/manage


  • Doesn’t have a lot of working instruments