ERJ-175 Replay Bug

Just noticed this after months of flying the 175, but there appears to be a bug on replay mode where the ERJ-175 gets 4 wings. Looks sorta like the X-wing from Star Wars πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

IOS: Latest

iPhone 12

Yeah I had the same issue, but also during the flight way back when it first came out

Weird. Mine only does it in replay mode.

Not only the E175, it also happens in replay mode on all wingflex aircraft for me

This not really always happens, but this happened to everybody. recommended to just change camera and return, re open again replay/app

Doesn’t work :(.

Then dont really know, because it works for me

I just tried it and it works fine.

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Alright, I just deleted the app and re-downloaded and it worked just fine.

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