Eritrean Airlines Boeing 767-300 [E3-AAO "Queen Bee"]

Eritrean Airlines is the national flag carrier of the East Africa nation of Eritrea, based in Asmara International Airport. This 767 is used on popular routes like Nairobi, Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah and longer routes like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Lahore, Milan, Rome, Frankfurt, Amsterdam.

Queen Bee is the name given to the national carrier’s first aircraft.

With the addition of this livery not only we will have another 767 livery in game, it will also unlock a lot of routes across the naturally breathtaking scenery of Eastern Africa, as well as more network between Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Giving this a bump!


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Bump! Here seen at Frankfurt EDDF.


This has been absolutely crazy beautiful livery

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Yes it is!