Eritrean Airlines A319

Though Eritrean Airlines no longer operate the A319, the Eritrean livery is (using an expression I use quite often) one of my favourites, and currently the only aircraft in IF which Eritrean airlines does or has operated, and I think the livery fits the aircraft well.
(Not my photo)


Its a very colourful livery, but if the airline doesn’t operate the aircraft anymore, the chances are it won’t be added.


We have plenty of liveries in the game that don’t exist anymore, even in the A320 family update the Mexicana A318 was added, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Wikipedia says Mexicana still has 10 A318s in use.

Very colorful, I love it!

I love that livery!

“Wikipedia”… Something I wouldn’t trust

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Oh right, Mexicana ceased operations in 2010.

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This livery looks great!

Nice colorful Livery

fantastic livery

Now that is one bright livery! Not too colourful, but colourful enough.