Erik Popescu's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ XXXX

Hello and welcome to my thread. I just started radar training for IFATC and I am opening a thread for some practice! I’d appreciate it if you could come by and give some feedback! Thanks!
Trainer approved.

Status : Closed!

Airport: N/A

Services: N/A

Are you sure you want KJFK? That airport is extremely busy and full of trolls.

You would be surprised it can be quite civil these days.

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It isn’t too bad, except for people generally not knowing what they’re doing.

Hey there! I was KJFK Tower and Ground for a little bit and I noticed you didn’t clear JetBlue 333 for GPS Approach

Hey! I actually did, just tower left many times so he kept coming back to my frequency.

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Ah! Sorry about that! I’m back at KJFK Tower and Ground currently

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El AAL 14 Heavy is a troll. Sorry about that :(

No worries! I’m going to close in 5 btw.

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This speedbird doesn’t know how to report the airport in sight, heads up lol

Had to close. Sorry

Hey, no problem! Thanks for the help!

I m a Tower Now kkk

Awesome job @Erik_Popescu! Thanks for the tower @MJP_27 also!

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Nice Work!
Although I had controlled JFK with you only 5 minutes…kk

No problem! Glad you enjoyed!

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Thanks mate. Sorry I couldn’t be on longer. Dinner duties call. Thanks for your help though!

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