Eric_Dedicke's ATC Tracking Thread - [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello IFC! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread! My name is Eric, and I am an aspiring IFATC controller hoping to get certified soon!

I’ll let you guys know when I am open at an airport, so I will post below in my thread.

Display Name: Eric_Dedicke

Server: Training


Runway(s) in use:

Frequencies: Ground & Tower

Status: CLOSED

Expected Time Open:


If you can make it to one of my openings and have any sort of feedback or comments to give to me, feel free to reply below so I know how I am doing!

Thank You (:

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Come stop by KFAT for some patterns if you are able to please. Thanks! I need to work on sequencing more so I would like at least 4 people.

Wrong account my bad! I will come in 5 lol


i will be doing some patterns at KFAT now!


mate how can i say very well done! particularly on last pattern when you’ve give me number 1 instead of 2, that was a nice move, you don’t see it often in Tracking Thread. I’d like to see how you fare with a few more planes. no issue at all, keep it up! :)


@MetZone Thank you for the feedback!

Open at LFBO. Please stop by if you can for some patterns! Practical is tomorrow so I would like to work on sequencing a bit more with at least 4 or more aircraft. Thank you!

Open at KFAT! Practical is tonight so I would like to practice a bit more for that. I would like it if 4 or more people could come so I can work on sequencing with a busy pattern. Thank you!

I’ll be there as soon as I finish my tracking thread! :)

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On my way!

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Thanks for coming @FireCracker!

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Anytime! :)

Ahh i just missed you, good luck!!

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Passed my practical! Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this journey to become IFATC!


Congrats!! :)

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I am currently preparing for the IFATC written test :) I hope to meet you in the IFATC chat :)

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Good luck on the written and practical and I hope to see you soon!

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Thank you! I mainly fly on the expert server. I will always be under control by you :)

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Ba da bing, ba da boom. Welcome to IFATC!