Eric_Dedicke's ATC Tracking Thread! - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread! My name is Eric, and I am an aspiring IFATC controller hoping to get certified soon!

I’ll let you guys know when I am open at an airport, so I will post below in my thread.

Display Name: Eric_Dedicke



Runway(s) in use:



Expected Time Open:


If you can make it to one of my openings and have any sort of feedback or comments to give to me, feel free to reply below so I know how I am doing!

Thank You (:

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I am open at KFAT for about half an hour on Training Server! This is my first official session, so please stop by if you can. Thank You! Please leave feedback!


You should add that in the title


Sorry my Wifi just cut out lol.
Ill be back momentarily for pattern work!

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Feedback (VH-CAM)

First pattern

  • Late landing clearance.
  • didn’t tell me to make right traffic on takeoff.

Second pattern

  • should of told me to “extend upwind ill call your crosswind” as there was someone departing 29L

  • pattern entry and sequencing was good

  • landing clearance was late. Should of cleared me to make right left traffic as I changed runways.

  • not sure why you cleared me to land a second time.

  • exit runway command was late should of been given at 60knots

I suggest you watch the ATC practical test on YouTube it helps alot!


Thank you everyone for coming!


Hello! Second session of the night @KCLE. Come stop by and fly some patterns if you can and leave some feedback. Thanks!

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  • Transition should of been 3500feet to work out Transition its 2500 + the airport elevation which is 3291 then round it up to 3500.

  • landing clearance should be given on downwind before the start of the runway.

  • exit runway command was given way to early at 90knots. Should be given around 70-60 knots.

Hopefully this helps you!


Thanks for coming!

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•when you clear someone for the runway they were already on you don’t need to clear them with left/right traffic. The only time you use “cleared for the option make right/left traffic” is if they are going to a different runway or inbound.

A simple “number 1 runway 24L, cleared for the option” would be perfect.

When I requested a change to R you started off good with the pattern entry but I never got a clearance for that runway. All runway changes must receive a new landing clearance.

In this case you would use “number 1 runway 24R cleared for the option, after the option make right traffic” after you have me the pattern entry

Besides that all good. No issues on the ground and perfectly timed exit runway command. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to help!


Open at KFAT! Come stop by for some patterns if you can and leave some feedback. Thanks!


All good until runway change…

You could’ve given me a left downwind instead of right to avoid traffic with the other 2 planes

You forgot to give me a pattern entry so I was unclear of which way to turn downwind. (After a runway change your first response should be a pattern entry! :) )

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Also if you’d given me left downwind I’d most likely be #2 because I am was faster than the 208 but slower than the A319, so in that case you’d need to give me and the 208 sequences to ensure we follow each other correctly

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Open at KFAT for about an hour today. Come stop by and fly some patterns if you can! Thanks!


I’m open at LFBO! Come stop by to fly some patterns (:

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C-FOAR inbound for patterns :)

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Thanks for coming @FireCracker!

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Your Controlling was excellent! Thanks for the flight practice lol

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It’s easier with one plane at a time lol. The good thing is im getting more comfortable with RWY changes and pattern entries, which stressed me out at first.

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Yepp one plane at a time is a lot easier lol. You did a great job assigning me a runway and with my pattern entry upon arrival from my transition. I’m sure you’ll be controlling the skies on the expert server in no time! (: