Ercan International Airport, Cyprus

First of all i couldn’t put this post in the features area as it wasn’t available. But anyway, i live in Northern Cyprus (recently moved from England). I landed at Ercan International and i see planes flying into it everyday from my balcony. Today i was flying over Cyprus and noticed it in the terrain.

As it is the only Airport from the Northen side i was wondering if it could be added as a feature in Infinite flight. It kinda looks weird seeing it and not being able to land aha. The runway markings are just about visible too.
Thanks all, Ceysun.


Not all airports have been added to Infinite Flight. The airport editing team is currently working on as much airports as possible. Thanks!

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If you can’t post something in #features then don’t post in #general. Wait until you get TL2 and then post it in #features. Otherwise this rule would be useless.

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Searched and found nothing on how to get to tl2, ive posted on features before though…

You get there by being active :)
I wouldn’t consider this as a feature request though…

The airport was probably not included in the original repository. What ICAO does it have?

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The ICAO for the airport is LCEN.

@dush19 @Moritz

Anything you have any information about? :)

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This airport exists in our database, in the state we received it from X-plane.

It has no data in the file except the location. We haven’t got around to editing it yet, it’s on our long to-do list. Once the airport is edited (high quality), it will be visible in the simulator.

There are a lot of these “location only” airports, most in Asia. In our repository, the folder names have [-].

PM me if you have any questions,