Thank you.

just checked your TL he’ll pm you🙂

Adding on to what @Kaj has said, the unable command should be used only if you’re gonna hit a mountain, and or another aircraft. Pretty much only if you will break separation with the ground or the air separation.

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He will contact you once he reads this. Did you take a look at the toutorials before doing a flight on Expert?


Just for future reference, never say “unable” to an atc instruction just because you don’t want to do it. Not unless it’s saying to descend and maintain 500 or increase speed to 1000 knots or you’re being vectored into a mountain or another aircraft which is highly unlikely with IFATC standards

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Today’s FNF looks to have taken place in the UK & Canary Islands. The NOTAMS also called for no local flying. Heathrow to Gatwick is definitely considered a local flight.

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Like what @Jomo_Kenyatta said, no local flying was permitted, so before you fly on expert, check the atc schedule if your flying between those airports, check for any notams on the map and on the FNF. Use the one week off expert to learn from your mistake so that it doesn’t happen again as it’s not that likely it will be reversed, as ghosts aren’t intended to be punishments


Yeah that thing I didn’t realize. By the way that was my first flight which I have to adapt with the rules restricted to the server. I just realized after being ghosted and re-checked the ATIS history. I was in a rush to fly.

All ghosting reports will be discussed via PM. The controller has been notified and they will reach out to you.