Era Alaska C208 Caravan

Era Alaska C208 is really great, especially if West Alaska Region Added
[] (Link)

  • Great livery
  • fifty-Fifty
  • Bad livery

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Looks amazing and it would be great also for Denver mountainous region.

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I agree, The livery gives you the energy to fly between mountains

The best cessna livery I have seen so far… I like the green color.

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If this added with the Global flight I will fly this from Bethel to Anchorage

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I usually do not bump topics, but I really, really like the color scheme on this one. The 208 has a bunch of liveries, but why not one more :)

i like it. sweet livery

Nice livery i like specially the yellow line

lovely livery for the trusty caravan

That’s the sister company to the company I work for, and @R_Jordanian that is actually a route it does from time to time