EPWA ATC comms issues

FYI for anyone that was frustrated while at EPWA around 0345Z. I am traveling and shortly after I started controlling it appeared pilots stopped receiving my ATC commands even though everything looked normal from my side.

Very sorry. If you did experience that and happen to see this thread please reply and let me know what happened.

Hoping it was just a networking issue since I am away from my home WiFi.


Evrerything looked normal from pilot side, only we didn’t received any reply.

Thanks for validating that. So strange. I replied a bunch of times. Took me a while to realize pilots must not be receiving commands since most were not responding. Even sent someone cleared for takeoff expedite and someone I provided pattern instructions too ‘stop sending dupe msgs’ cause I had already replied.

Wasn’t obvious because some people seemed like they were following directions. Not sure if they just got impatient or if some messages went through and others didn’t.

Thanks again for the confirmation that weren’t in fact receiving msgs.

Sorry again for confusion. Am following up on IFATC side of things.

I experienced a similar issue earlier. I can’t recall who was controlling, but after tower transfered me over to approach I requested vectoring to my destination. An outside of coverage message was issued and I continued for a few minutes until traffic became clear. I requested frequency change, but nothing was communicated. Heavy traffic is all I thought, no big deal. A few more attempts, and nearing the SE Hungarian border with no response I simply checked out.

Edit. Alex W was the approach controller


I believe @Chris_Hoover was controlling at the time btw

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This has nothing to do with me being on appr.

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My bad… great job and thanks for the ATC :)

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Same happend to me few min ago at Bangkok.

That happen when you are on cellular service.

I am on Pacific, on LNG tanker, here is no cellular service! 🧐🛰

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I bet your using WiFi?

Yes, together with 30 other crew members via satellite…

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Playing from a LNG tanker in the Pacific is definitely the coolest location I have seen someone play IF from!

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