EPKK/Kraków Poland Airport Issue.

I recently tried to make a LOT flight from Kraków to Chicago (a real world flight) and there is no where to park the 787. The 787 does fly into Kraków and even American Airlines will soon start flights there. Is there an update to this airport in the future to fix this?

You can blame @Moritz for the inconvenience 😡 (I’m just kidding 😅)

That airport probably hasn’t been updated by the airport editing team, so for the time being, not much that can be done, unfortunately.

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You could fly from another airport close by and park at a gate to get around the issue for now.

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The editing team is aware that EPKK is outdated, that’s why some days ago I re-opened the issue in Github again and let it up for grabs for whoever is interested. Same thing for EPWA.

Well yes, the only solution is that the airport should be redone from scratch.


No worries, I can work around it. I was thinking of at least flying into it but then I thought I might get a violation for being in a plane too big for that airport so I didn’t. Thanks for the info!

I’m not pestering anyone. There are millions of other airports to fly into, it was at that time I wanted to recreate a certain flight a family member went on, I can always do it later, there’s too much to explore to be upset about an airport not being up to date yet.

No worries. Our job is to keep the airports updated, of course this is not something we can do at the speed everyone is expecting. We’re a group of volunteers and we also have lifes outside IF.


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