Episode 26: Sup Jason

Listening to Episode 26 on the podcast! Who thinks @jasonrosewell has the coolest voice? Lol
Let’s gets some likes and views so @jasonrosewell can see how cool 😎 he is!! I can’t imagine anyone else being the host!
Jason keep producing those. Podcasts!! One loyal listener saying “sup” lol





Thank you I didn’t know what his name was in this forum so that does really help!

You are officially the number one fan of FlightCast I think! 🏆

Mark’s voice is beautiful too, though ;)


Don’t we all love Marks voice?

It’s a bit weird to love any voice besides Morgan Freeman’s


@Chatta290 has a very valid point.

Don’t be a hater, Jessie. lol

Jason lol I’m actually talking to you haha!!! But what I said before was true…you are amazing!

Haha but you have that sort of deep rhythmic sort of calming. Adults should voice

And you know it!!! I eagerly await each new podcast!!! Keep it up Jason I stand behind you

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