Episode 16 of FVACast (Livestream Over - Video Version Available)

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Welcome to Episode 16 of FVACast, the one and only active Infinite Flight Podcast. My name is Infinite.Flight and I am your host and Captain on today’s episode. Joining me in the right hand seat is the esteeemed @Drew33950 (or possibly @Cessna_Driver depending on if he gets back from vacation in time).

On this live-streamed episode, FVACast welcomes the honorable Greene brothers to the cockpit. Please give a warm welcome to the newest guests @N1RG and @N1DG! Both have warmly received and accepted an invitation to join our podcast.
Make sure you tune in under the following details:

Episode goes live at the following time on April 9th, 2018 at:

6 PM West Coast Daylight Savings Time
7 PM Mountain Daylight Savings Time
8 PM Central Daylight Savings Time
9 PM East Coast Daylight Savings Time

Click on the link below (when it is pasted in) to join in on the livestream. Last time we had a huge number of people commenting and enjoying our live chat feature while our guest and the FVACast staff relaxed and enjoyed chatting.

Why not get comfort on the couch, grab a hot cup of coffee ☕️, and relax as you listen to Aviation, what it means to be a student pilot, and how the Greene brothers love their daily lives in a world much of us covet.

If you’d like to ask questions for the Greene brothers to answer, please comment below with your question. Most likely it will be asked. If we miss any questions we do apologize.


Alright I have three questions.

  1. Cessna 172 or 208?

  2. Airbus or Boeing

  3. What attracted you to VATC (Ryan is COO of a VATC group called NAATC which does North American ATC)?


Thank you very much for your question! I’ll be sure to ask it.

Livestream link is now available. Episode can be accessed on April 9th through this link!

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what inspired them to become Pilots in real life and what is there future plans/goals as IRL Pilots

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Do not forget this episode is going live tomorrow night! Be sure to tune in :) and get chatting in our live chat. Last episode was a monstrous success bringing us very close to 100 subs (a milestone for us) and involving a lot of our pilots in a laid back environment.

Last full day to ask questions for our guests in this particular thread

Also thank you for your question :) sorry I never responded

Heads up to everyone this episode is going live in 4 hours and 30 minutes. If you have any questions ask away before the window closes for this thread :)

Episode is airing in 1 hour and 20 minutes! There is a brief change to staff in this episode however:

@Cessna_Driver my CoHost will be taking over for this episode. I’ll be in the live chat for talks but I can’t due to extreme cough and burning throat

Give him your best cooperation through this episode :) I know it will be different but I’ll still be in the live chat!
Good luck one and all

Episode is now live! Make sure you tune in folks :) and let Ryan and Cillion explain their story.

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Not going to lie I didn’t think about Frontier when I saw this acronym. 😬

Interesting haha been our acronym for roughly 1.4 years

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I have a question!

  1. Did they see the CS100 I made yet?
  2. if so, can I have feedback pls?
  3. I want to become a Private Pilot, Classes are almost 10K, where can I go to get a loan to begin classes?


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Amazing question :) it’s being answered right now

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Thanks to everyone who came out! Be sure to listen back to it and give us feedback on our music choices and how you thought it could have been better or what could be changed. We did some new things this episode.


I heard some audio problems from both the brothers, they cut off during sentences etc.

That is out of our control. They were responsible for ensuring their connection was satisfactory. Problems were not really noticeable until streaming began.

So sorry. I was using old headphones and they werent the best quality. I dont have a professional mike at all . I was also in college so thee internet was not the best

Thank you for your feedback

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