EpicNYC04’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello IFC!
I have just recently pass the IFATC written exam and eager to get started on training so I figured I would start a tracking thread. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for stopping by.

Status: OPEN
Server: Training
Airport: KRDU
Frequency: Tower/Ground
For this first session I will be open until 1845z/1:45pm EST 01/07/2020


Congratulations on passing your written test! I would be sure to drop by a little later and would be happy to provide you some feedback!

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Just visiting you for a bit of practise on the C172, haven’t flown it in months and probably should take a break from airliners. Please forgive me for the “crash” landings!

Your Ground ATC was good and for your Tower ATC was also quite good although I would personally clear the aircraft for the option when it is turning base.

Good luck!


Thanks for stopping by! @AcornPlayz and it’s ok I’m not that great either with GA aircraft myself. 😂

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Anyone available? Tower/ground open @ KRDU on T/S

sorry i cant come :( but i really hope that you pass the practical exam and we will see you controlling soon! Good luck with the exam!

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Thanks @Elefanths your kind words it means a lot! I feel confident enough to take the practical but I would like some more critics on my controlling.

understand if you are going to have another tracking tread i can probably come! have fun today!

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