Epicly cool plane tricks

1) I wanted to fly 1FT off the runway

2) London Heathrow, server was training, no route

Mini mod spot, yes, yes i almost got a violation and i also never used ATC, they were very slow and i wanted to scare people into thinking the chose CS, epic troll

Just take them and run

more are flying to you soon!


@MR.FOXY09 as it say, You have to delete this

Good shots

*cool plane tricks

thanks, i tried to get some nice shots

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lol yea, lemme fix that

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lol ye, i was doing it in a rush

those are some pretty epicly cool plane tricks right there

yea bro, imma make more soon

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Love it! Well done sir 😜

thanks, imma make more pics soon so stay posted!

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Imma tag anyone who wants to be tagged in the next one

@here new one is out now! It’s even better!