EpicLegend29's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hi everyone! I’m currently in the process of joining IFATC and I would like to brush up on some skills before I take my practical! All feedback is welcome and thanks for helping me out!

Current Status:








Once again, thanks for stopping by!


Feel free to tag me and I’ll try to stop by!


Now open at KAUS!
(@Saharsh here is your tag)

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I’m coming!



[22:21] Nice catch on the pushback conflict

[22:26] Was given hold short, cleared for takeoff would’ve been better and told S-HANE a line up and wait(LUAW)

[22:29] Told enter RDW for 17L, extend downwind, I’ll call crosswind would’ve been better.

[22:30] Was sequenced behind S-HANE on RDW, Number 2, traffic to follow on left downwind would’ve been better since 6Y-SHI was on left downwind,

[22:42] Late exit command, was given at 40 knots

[22:44] Was told to expect progressive. It would’ve been better to tell S-HANE to expect progressive and told him to turn left

[22:47] Good catch on the last ground conflict

Nice work, @EpicLegend29


Thank you for the feedback @Saharsh !

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  • After I requested frequency change, you didn’t have to tell me to contact tower. The taxi instructions say “taxi to runway __ contact tower when ready ”. If a pilot requests frequency change, you can go to the misc. commands and at the very bottom is the “duplicate frequency change” button.


  • At 22:30:22 you sequenced VT-SAH as number two (behind me), behind the traffic on right downwind, but I was on left downwind. I understand that it can be confusing with left/right downwinds.
  • As Shane said above, it makes it less confusing for you if you keep traffic going to 17L on left downwind and traffic going to 17R on right downwind. You can make sure there is enough separation by using the “extend upwind” then giving them the respective downwind pattern entry.
  • Nice job with the forced go around!
  • Some response times were a little slow (for example my departure request), but that’s something that improves with time and practice.

Great job for your first tracking thread opening, I’ll try to come the next time you open and I can’t wait to see you improve even further!

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Thank you @yoshi_flyer !

Sorry for the super late reply, but here is my feedback, I was S-HANE. :

Feedback :

  • You gave Saharsh the hold short when he was at the intersection. What you could’ve done to maximize efficiency is clear him for takeoff, and then line me up (I was at threshold).

  • Instead of telling aircraft that are incurring on upwind to enter the opposite downwind of the runway they’d like to change to, it’d be best to extend the upwind of the pilot that is requesting the runway change, and then give them a downwind pattern instruction once the incursion with the other aircraft is no longer imminent.

  • You accidentally gave me a runway exit, understandably though, I was going a slow speed. Make sure to say disregard last message if that situation happens, where they didn’t intend on exiting.

  • On that second upwind incursion, you gave another opposite downwind pattern instruction. Again, it’d be best to use the “extend upwind” command, sequencing can become very confusing and difficult if you don’t use the command, but if your sequencing is good, it’s excusable.

  • Try to keep clearances and sequences on crosswind/early downwind, I noticed a few were getting towards the late downwind/early base phase of the pattern. There is no harm in getting them out of the way as soon as possible!

  • Nice job picking up on the forced G/A.

  • When Saharsh and I were coming at each other head on, what I would’ve done was give me a turn left next taxiway, and told Saharsh to give way to aircraft ahead, also, you turned me onto a ground vehicle taxiway, lol.

Picture of That ^ :

  • On that final ground conflict, I would’ve told me to give way to the aircraft on my left instead of a hold position, but at least you caught the incursion, reaction time was a bit slow though.

Surprisingly good job for the first session, I’d say you’ll be off to test in no time, nice job, and sorry for not posting this earlier, haha. :)


Thanks for the feedback @Shane !

Now open at KFAT!
(@Saharsh @Shane @yoshi_flyer)


Hey Spence,

Only feedback is that I never got a sequence on my pattern.


Nice job today! The only things I noticed were you had me push to 29R but taxi to 29L, which wasn’t a huge deal since they are in the same area. Don’t forget, a runway assignment on pushback is only required if the direction of pushback switches depending on the runways in use. The go around put me in more danger then i was in already (the aircraft in front of me had plenty of time to take off) Overall, great job! You’ll do well on your practical!

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Hey Spencer, thanks for the service. Here is my feedback, I was 5H-ANE :

Feedback :

  • Gave hold position instead of a taxi command followed with a giveway to aircraft on your right command - 21:29

  • On that three way intersection departure, it would have been best to line me or kyle up and hold the other to maximize efficiency.

  • Upon taking off, I requested a runway change to 29L from 29R. I was given a right downwind for 29L, even though the upwind for 29L was completely clear, therefore no incursions were imminent, and you could’ve gave me a left downwind for 29L. As a result of not doing that, things got really confusing when the traffic tremendously picked up.

  • On my second pattern, I was given a “Number 3, cleared to land,” command, that was it. Missed the sequence, and I never reported my position, therefore it should have been option instead of land.

  • Nice job with the ground work after my exit, though the exit was a bit late.

Thanks once again, have a nice night, Spencer.

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Thanks for the feedback @Saharsh @Cannoli928 @Shane !



Inbound (Transition + Inbound to 29R)

  • Incorrect transition altitude (2,500), the correct altitude is 3,000 feet. Nice job correcting that with Jarrett later on.
  • No pattern entry or sequence given. Inbounds always need a pattern entry, then a sequence, then a clearance.

Pattern 1 (29R Pattern)

  • No sequence given, just a clearance as number 3. Unless you’re going to clear the plane as number one, they NEED a sequence.
  • I was aligning with the wrong runway to see if you noticed. There is a command that says “check runway” towards the bottom of the misc. section. This could be something they test for, just a heads up.

Pattern 2 (Change to 29L)

  • I highly recommend keeping planes going to 29L on a left downwind and planes going to 29R on a right downwind. This greatly reduces the confusion you may have. There was no reason that you couldn’t give me a “enter left downwind runway 29L”.
  • Clearance was a little late.
  • You could have cleared N86TB to depart much sooner - like right after I was airborne (or sooner)

Overall a really good job, especially for the number of people there were. Just don’t forget that everyone needs a sequence before they are cleared and inbounds need both a pattern entry and a sequence. Can’t wait to see you in IFATC soon!

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Thank you so much @yoshi_flyer !

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Hey there! Good luck on your test, you’ve got this!

  • Great transition altitude
  • Good pattern entry, but no sequence behind N86TB - good use of the “extend downwind” command
  • You gave me left traffic after my first pattern on 29R, it’s best to keep traffic on the right runways going right and the opposite for traffic on the left runways
  • No sequence to follow Kyle on my second pattern
  • I requested a runway change with a correct pattern entry, but then you cleared me as I was over the runway - late clearance
  • You cleared me to land when I was still in the option - no corrected after I said standby
  • Flawless 4th pattern!
  • 5th pattern you cleared me to option 29R, then said 29L as I was landing, and then set me back to 29R
  • Excellent runway exit command

Nothing too major here, Spencer. A lot of this is small mistakes that pile up, keep the nerves calm and good luck on the big test!!

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Thank you so much @JarrettFlies !

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