Epic spotting time at the Airport (KMHT)

Today, I went to the airport to continue using and exploring my Camera. This is also the point where the dumb me found out I could raise the base of the tripod to where I can see better lol.

This is also where I didn’t know that the Max8 would come, it was a surprise to see it come into Manchester!
I Filmed most of the departures/arrivals into the airport so I can see how well the External mic picks up audio. I was at the airport for a good 5 hours, and The Camera died after being there for that long.

Enjoy the Pictures!

Camera: Canon SX60 HS

The Pictures:
First picture of the day
First Airplane of the day, a United Express ERJ145X landing from Newark, NJ

An American Eagle ERJ 175 from Washington D.C

Delta Connection CRJ900 taxiing to the Runway

A Southwest 737-MAX8 coming in to land from Chicago, IL (MDW)

Clean shot of the 737-MAX8 on final

This 737-MAX8 is only 9 months old

The MAX8 with the Tower. This is an awesome picture

Another American Eagle ERJ175 taxiing after landing

Three American Airlines airplane

After the ERJ145 left, the E175 taxied into the gate

An American Eagle ERJ145 after taking off going to Philadelphia

A United Express ERJ145X peeking above the taxiway before crossing the runway

An American Eagle ERJ175 Taxiing to the Runway for departure

A United Express CRJ200 after landing from O’Hare

Taxiing to the other side of the airport to Gate 1
A Beechcraft 99 doing a quick runup while a SWA 737-700 lands

N7817J, A Southwest 737-700 landing from Baltimore

N8708Q pushed back from the Gate, ready to taxi to the runway to depart back to Midway

N297WN landing from Baltimore

N297WN and N9708Q face to face with eachother

Hope to see it come back again soon!

An American Eagle ERJ170 Taxiing for Departure to Washington D.C

The same CRJ200 from earlier taxiing to Departure to Chicago

N7817J taxiing for departure back to Baltimore

N297WN taxiing for Departure to Orlando

Hello up there in the Tower!

N7817J after departing the Runway, turning to the East
An American Eagle CRJ900 taxiing off the Runway after landing from Charlotte, NC
The Main event of the day, A UPS 767-300/w is seen from a distance not far from the airport
Turning into Final

Now on a Five Mile Final
N303UP after landing from Louisville, KY
Heading to the Stand to unload Cargo
N596NN Seen taxiing to the runway, heading back to Charlotte, NC
Last picture of N596NN

Other shots
A Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A330 seen flying overhead

Thanks for going through my Pictures. Which one was your favorite? Comment below!


Love all of them! Hope to see an Airbus some time soon. As you say it is rare, so hope to see one!

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Nice! Really like the UPS from KSDF.


Thanks! Yeah, it’s always epic to see the Big ones come into Manchester. Just wish it would’ve been an airliner and not a cargo airliner, now that would be awesome


That’s a nice shot of the SAS my hands would be shaky trying to get that shot

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My home!! Nice UPS representation!

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I actually took that without my Tripod, I was shaking so much, but I got some decent shots

Still a DHL fanboy, but I’ll take UPS over the Orange and Purple. lol

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