Epic Spotting at MHT (Southwest DOUBLE specials!)

Today, I decided to go to the airport to plane spot only for a bit, but a spotter pointed out that we were getting not one, but TWO southwest Special liveries!
So I stayed until the last special livery 737 took off.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

N650AE - Embraer ERJ145 | MHT-PHL

N505MJ - CRJ700 | MHT-IAD

N900FJ - Dassault Falcon 900EX | MHT-?

N8624J - Boeing 737-800S | MHT-MDW

Southwest California One and Nevada One

N943WN - Boeing 737-700 [California One] | MHT-BWI

N727SW - Boeing 737-700 [Nevada One] MHT-TPA

I hope you liked the pictures! Comment below which one is your favorite :)


Great catches! I hope you had a nice day out in Manchester Boston. ;)

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Sure did! Was a very beautiful day today, nearly 80ºF. Seeing double Southwest specials in one place is very uncommon.


Nice pictures! Did you go to a different spotting location this time, because I feel like the picture angles from pics 1-4.

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This is my favorite picture!!! :D

Such great photos but the one above is my favorite! :D


This is definitely my favorite as I see it frequently at KVNY (not this exact callsign)

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@SimpleWaffles yeah, the winds were all over the place yesterday. Luckily, 24 was in use for most of the day, but in the afternoon it switched to 17, hence why the last pictures are at the Museum instead of 24

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Nice pictures!

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Great shots Daniel! I’m going to ATL later to see Florida One and Maryland One!

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I hope you have fun! I have yet to see Maryland One though!

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I thought I’d share yesterday’s videos with everyone.

(Rush hour planespottong)

(Nevada One video)

(California One video)

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