Epic Escort Mission

My friend, who had just got Infinite Flight for the first time, decided to immediately go full commando mode and fly from Singapore to New York.

Of course, I couldn’t resist this opportunity to practice my intercept skills.

Since he just started playing Infinite Flight, we could only fly on the casual server.

Blasting off from Paya Lebar Air Base

Breaking the sound barrier

Catching up with the target


I escorted my friend for 20 minutes. By then it was already 1 AM, so I had to break away and head for home.

Back over the sound barrier in a steep dive from 29000 feet.

On final approach for Paya Lebar Air Base

Parked at the stand, reviewing a successful escort mission!


Excellent photos, especially liked photo 4

Wow! I loved the Editing! What did you use to edit?

Cool! Those pictures are wonderful!

Love that 3rd and 4th but that 3rd I would buy if it in a frame

I use photoshop express to edit. I use the free version even though you can pay to get even more features.

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