Epaga's In-Flight Apps Planning

Hey everyone - I’m the developer of In-Flight Assistant and a few other apps.

So I’ve been very busy as of late, but it looks like I might be getting a bit more time soon, so to get my bearings again and decide what to do when, I’ve created a public Trello board to keep everyone posted on the current state of the development of my apps, so you can know that something is on my radar and/or is planned, being worked on, etc. This way I will have a single place to see what to do next and we’ll all be on the same page. That’s the theory, anyways. We’ll see if it works!

You can vote on issues if you have a free Trello account.

If you don’t see an issue on there that you’ve told me about, it’s possible it may have slipped through the cracks, so if you’d like to add things, then please either email me or use this Google form.

Thanks everyone!


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