Epaga's In-Flight Apps Planning Thread

Hey everyone,

my name’s John and I’m the developer of In-Flight Assistant (third-party soundscape app to make your flights more realistic) and of In-Flight Instruments (third-party instrument panel for your IF flights).

As promised in those threads, I’ve decided to leave the direction of my next development steps (more or less) up to you all. I asked you for your thoughts and nearly 60 of you sent in loads of ideas and requests - thanks so much!

So here is a list of some of the most requested things you all sent in (that I think I could want to do 🤓), together with a VERY rough estimate how long I’d take to get it done:

SHORT: days
MEDIUM: weeks
LONG: months

Everyone can vote for what you’d like me to do next, and once we have a decision, I’ll get to it! You can vote for up to three options!

  • PA: New Flight Attendant Voice (MEDIUM)
  • PA: Welcome at Startup, Safety Briefing at Engine Start (SHORT)
  • PA: Make Louder when muffled (SHORT)
  • PA: Make “soft landing applause” difficulty a setting (SHORT)
  • Co-pilot: Add 28° flaps confirmation (SHORT)
  • Co-pilot: Add Engine Startup Confirmation (MEDIUM)
  • Co-pilot: Random remarks during long flights (MEDIUM)
  • IF-I: Add Jet Throttle (MEDIUM)
  • IF-I: Flaps Lever (MEDIUM)
  • IF-I: MCP (Autopilot) Panel (MEDIUM)
  • IF-I: Engine Panel (MEDIUM)
  • IF-I: Lights Panel (MEDIUM)
  • GPWS: Buzz at 1000ft / when AP altitude reached (SHORT)
  • GPWS: Modern “RETARD RETARD” sound (SHORT)
  • GPWS: Configuration Warnings during Takeoff/Landing (MEDIUM)
  • GPWS: Boeing/Airbus V1 callout (MEDIUM)
  • New Reminder System for Long Flights (e.g. notify when xx miles from TOD) (MEDIUM/LONG)
  • Emergency Situations / Adventures (LONG)
  • iPhone X head tracking for first-person camera looking by moving your head (MEDIUM/LONG)

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I will be leaving this up for about a week, so please let anyone you know who might be interested know about this! Excited to see what you all choose first! If this works out, I may just rinse and repeat this whole process. 😁

As always, huge thanks again to the IF community and to FDS and Laura particularly for the awesome support and the API which makes all of this possible!

Also as always, let me know if I forgot anything important or if something isn’t clear!


Really looking forward to the Modern Retard sound and engine start confirmation


If love to see the landing clap and levels

I can’t vote it won’t let me


Emergency situations and adventures isn’t #1?!? Come on guys!


Oh man, the random remarks would actually be really funny I think, especially if Mark is the copilot xD

I love the work you do with these, they’re by far some of the best third party apps out there. I’m sure whatever comes next will be great :)


Want to vote for Android !

Nice list! Can’t wait John!

What do you have in mind for random remarks?

Also, with the iPhone X head tracking, is it possible to do it on a standard camera, probably not right? 😬


@epaga … MaxSez: Nice List, Super participation, they love you John 💔The list is top notch except for the “Emergency” dingbat Peanut Suggestion. I have to agree with “The Op” this is a non-Starter and if you include it you’ll just be inciting the wee ones. The ill informed or Fledlings keep trying to sneak Emergency anything in. There have been hundreds of “I want Mayday” Topics. They have all died at birth, The consensus to include leadership comments has determined Emergencies of any kind are “Disruptive”. So my friend I suggest you drop now and forever any call out, or procedure in your exception App. that includes the term Emergency (Except, Emergency Hatch), Mayday or PanPanPan… Who lov’s ya Baby!


Thanks for the votes so far, everyone! Exciting to see a trend start to take shape. 🤓

Not quite sure, I think the people that proposed it were thinking of things like yawning, jokes, remarks about the sunset, etc.?

Sadly nope.

I think it could be quite awesome, personally. It would be hard-wired limited to Solo Mode (and maybe Casual Server if FDS approves) only.

Update Hehe I say that and lo and behold, Emergency situations are now leading the pack! This is shaping up to be close! 🤓


VV[quote=“epaga, post:11, topic:182502”]
I think it could be quite awesome, personally. It would be hard-wired limited to Solo Mode (and maybe Casual Server if FDS approves) only.


Update Hehe I say that and lo and behold, Emergency situations are now leading the pack! This is shaping up to be close! 🤓

@epaga… John, I believe your actions to support “Emergencies” in any form in your exceptional InFlight/Assistant App conterviences and is I’ll advised. FDS published guidance precluding the inclusion of “Any” Emergency Procedure as Disruptive to efficant ATC Operations. The results of a single poll by the ill advised-informed does not indicate the will of the full membership nor does it justify a back door attempt to circumvent published policy. PM to follow. Regards

(Info: @Tyler_Shelton)


Confused…What ATC is there in solo Mode?

MaxSez: Not Just 1 entity John the complete ATC System. Open the door a crack the rats will go for the cheese and the repeated requests for the procedure will be resurrected by the great unwashed. Moderators have done a good job closing every new Emergency Topic. Just my opinion John. I’ve been fighting this kiddie procedure for years. Belay the PM follow up, you’ve got my 2cents worth.

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All good, thanks for your two cents - I will of course check w FDS for any feature I would do. To be clear, “Emergency scenarios” would affect your plane and only include things like (perhaps):

  • Sudden throttle loss in one or more engines
  • Aileron damage
  • Flaps malfunction

And ONLY work on Solo Mode and Casual Server (Casual server only if FDS approves). I’ve been around the forum long enough to have seen the Emergency feature requests and usually they are about sending in “Mayday” to ATC. This would not be what this is about.

Looks like your 2 cents is having an effect though, @maxmustang - some seem to have withdrawn their votes for Emergency, making a timer/reminder system for long flights now be ahead again. 😎


I mean it takes long time for develop, why not just focus on those which is a bit easier(maybe)… like new flight attentand voice and so on…

Yep very likely I’ll toss in a few of the “Short” ones even though they’re not at the top but because they are “low-hanging fruit”.


I really like ur apps especially the in flight assistant, so looking forward your news and the new release date! :)

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Good news, I can already give you the new release date!

All together now:

When. It’s. Done! 🤓


Well said! @Allen_Lu, I don’t think you realize how long some things take. Take Global, for example. That took thousands of hours to develop. Add on testing to ensure that there are no bugs or wrinkles upon release, it’s quite a long process.