EnvoyAir Virtual

Hello All,

I’d like to announce the formation of envoyAir Virtual! We will begin accepting pilot applications in 2 weeks. I am currently accepting applications for leadership roles and staff positions. Here is a link to our website, where you can apply.

Avery Mitchell
President and CEO
EnvoyAir Virtual

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Does it require live ?

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It’s preferred, but not required :)

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Good luck from United Virtual!


Good Evening,

We are still looking for the following roles to apply:
Regional Supervisors

We are also accepting pilot applications at this time.

Also, routes have just been posted on our website

www.envoyva.wixsite.com/envoyairvirtual :)

Please change the website back to /envoy asap. I don’t want to change it this soon.

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I can’t wix will not let me edit things

Fixed it… all good now

Slack is officially up and running, as well as our management system, GoCo.

I run a successful va and don’t mind helping out.

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