Envoy to Take Delivery of E170s

Envoy Airlines has announced that they will be taking delivery of 65 seat Embraer ERJ-170 aircraft. Well, those E170s will be coming from BA CityFlyer. BA CityFlyer will now only operate the longer version of the E170, the E190 series jet.

Now what do I think? I think this is a smart move by Envoy who can put these planes on there smaller routes that dont need the Embraer E-175 but still need a bigger regional jet. I also think this is a good move sense Envoy is starting to phase out there old Embraer ERJ-140/145 jets.

Let me know your thoughts below!

Article Link:BA CityFlyer Moves To All E190 Fleet With E170s Going To Envoy - Simple Flying


This good news!
Has Envoy published an routes that they plan to fly with this airplane?

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I haven’t found anything. If I had to guess it would be the more popular E140 routes

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That makes sense.

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Swayne Martin is unhappy with this topic, he’s now crying in his Miami hotel room, thanks a lot @N1RG

For legal reasons, this is a joke.


I dont make the rules haha. I just follow them and pass on the good news, or bad news to some.

Although, I do know plenty of 140/145 drivers

when Swayne discovers they are retiring the 145s


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