Entirely unofficial version of the one-question survey

You may have noticed there’s currently an official “One Question Survey” going on - if you haven’t, go to that official one and give them your feedback!

But if you’re like me, you’re curious what the results are, so how about everyone repeat their vote here so we get a rough picture of what at least the IFC’s response is? 😀

What is the best feature of Infinite Flight Pro?

  • Global Flight
  • Multiplayer w/ live ATC
  • Access to all aircraft

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I would have voted for an option of “All of the Above” as all three are reasons that I have Infinte Flight Pro!


The all three choices are really made IF Pro worth it.
Global Flight is definitely the only thing that i waited for. I always wanted to switch from creepy google earth simulator to Infinite Flight to make all the periodic Flight I am making everyday so I am really happy with what IF offers to us, Global was the thing to add in Infinite Flight.

But adding all access aircraft in all subscriptions is really nice !

ATC and multiplayer is so far the best way to make this community living by the way :)

I would just love to have IF download for free to make people coming easily into the simulator universe and then paying for subscriptions, I think this is the only thing that could make people more envious to discover IF. JK after all, good job IFLLC (it miss me to call them FDS no longer haha).Remarks, this is not a complain since I paid a lot for aircrafts and regions at the beginning and I don’t regret it a single second.

I agree. All 3 are amazing and trying to choose just one is a bit unfair. I have to admit thought that being able to fly with other people along with live ATC is my favorite feature, and if I had to lose any, this would be the feature I’d hold on to.

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I really don’t understand why people would choose global over multiplayer. Multiplayer makes IF so much more fun! And it adds skills that can’t be practiced in solo, such as ATC. Regions with muliplayer were fine, even though global adds so many more flight options.


Without Multiplayer, I wouldn’t have a team to fly with. 👍🏻


For me, Global flight is the single most advantage of IF over other mobile sims and not to mention the multiplayer which would be a very close second

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