Entire Coast of Ireland VFR Trip - Leg 1


Hey everyone! Welcome to something special I had in store for you…

As you can probably already tell from the title, this is a bit different from what I share usually.

First of all, if you don’t like GA, I want to tell you these two things:

  1. You’re a monster.
  2. Just click away because you won’t like this.
Now that's all cleared up, I can tell you a bit more about this tour. ___

A few days ago, I was very bored, usually then I just sit down and think about what I’m gonna do next in IF. And then @anon93619452’s topics came up, flying VFR all around Turkey, his home country I presume. And then I was just thinking of the last time I flew VFR: 3 years ago! I am so caught up with everything at the moment, in IF as well as real life, so I decided I wanted to take a break and do something different.

What I’m going to be doing for the next few weeks, is a VFR Trip around the entire country of Ireland, visiting every major airport, while maybe doing a t&g at smaller airfields on the way, while also flying over the entire coastline.

Specifics about this trip:

Entire Trip Details
Airports Getting Visited

Airports getting visited: Weston, Waterford, Cork, Farranfore, Shannon, Inisheer(t&g), Galway, Knock, Donegal, Derry, Belfast, back to Weston

Landmarks Getting Visited

Gap of Dunloe, Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands, Crough Patrick, Clare Island, Achill Islands

Find a schedule detailing all the flights that are going to take place in this trip here

Anyways, enough about the trip, here is the trip!


Dublin Weston Airfield - Waterford Regional

Dublin Weston Airfield is an airfield located southwest of Dublin Intl. Weston isn’t used commercially, it’s used mainly as an airfield for flight training and GA.
Weston was opened in 1931, and licensed in 1937 by Darby Kennedy, who died back in 2016.
In 1946, he started operating a de Havilland Dragon and a few de Havilland Rapides commercially.
Commercial flights from Weston ceased in 1950.
The airfield was also being used by, Leinster Aero Club, a private airclub owning de Havilland Tiger Moths, an Auster 5J/1 Autocrat and from 1960 two Morane-Saulniers.
Now the club only operates only one training aircraft, a Robin HR 200 registered EI-LYG, a fully IFR equipped plane.

Now, Waterford Regional Airport (EIWF).
Waterford airport is located southeast of the city of Waterford, in county Waterford, in the southeastern part of Ireland
Waterford airport opened in 1881 for single and twin eingined light aircraft, providing a terminal building as well.
Since 2003, Waterford Regional has seen Aer Arann, Aer Lingus Regional, Flybe and VLM Airlines.
In terms of passengers, this class Delta airport is not doing very well, with it’s peak being in 2007, having 30,156 passengers. 2014 looked promising, but then it dropped again, and is still dropping until this day.

Now, the flight itself. This flight took place today (12-5-2020)

Flight Details
General Information

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Livery: Embry Riddle
Aircraft registration: I forgot…
Route: EIWT - EIWF
Callsign: EI172ROS
Flight time: 0:51
Distance: 72nm DIRECT

Airport Information

Departure airport: EIWT - Weston
Departure runway: 07
Arrival airport: EIWF - Waterford Regional
Arrival runway: 21



Flight plan

VFR Flight, no fpl used, here is where I flew:

Time for the shots!

Parked on stand, getting everything ready for a departure out of EIWT’s rwy 07

A view over Dublin, and if you look carefully, you can see me following the river Liffey to guide me out to the coast, so I can continue on course to EIWF, following the coastline.

A view from the copilot’s seat just ten minutes after departure, the beautiful Wicklow Mountains are in view.

Barely two minutes later, a new view of the mountain is formed

Following Ireland’s coastline, knowing it will safely guide me to Waterford, with Coast Point showing ahead.

About 15 minutes later, I’m flying over Waterford’s bay, which is going to become narrower soon…

The bay splits up into two rivers: River Barrow heading North, and River Suir, turning left. For this VFR flight, I took river Suir, and just after 30 seconds of flying over it, I’m able to intercept the runway’s centerline. What an amazing approach!

And to wrap up leg 1 of this trip, here’s a moonshot from when I was lining up with EIWF’s rwy 21

Those were the screenshots! I have to say I never had so much fun on a flight for a long time, and I can’t wait for the next leg, heading to Cork!

I will update this topic when more shots are posted so you can find you’re way there from here.

What was your favourite shot?

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Stay safe and ever so healthy,


Nice photos! Allow me to suggest Clifden as one of your airports. 5 was definitely my favorite, although I do like the Wicklow mountains (go climbing there sometimes, only down the road really). Thanks for sharing!

I hope you enjoyed flying over Wexford! 🇮🇪

Thanks Hugh! I sure will add Clifden in as a t&g airport after Galway’s main airport, thanks for the suggestion!

I sure did Declan:)

I loced the approach, following the bay, turning into a river:D

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Congratulations my friend 😎🤙🏼
I think you are doing the best …
Flying with GA planes is very enjoyable …
Whether you are traveling with VFR, IFR or Z or Y flight plans, you can travel the world like this👍🏼

Maybe somewhere our roads meet and we can fly together on our route 😎🤟🏼

Cessna 172 Cirrus SR22 or my baby X CUB is ideal for this job ❤️

Also; your thoughts about me made me happy 👍🏼

I wish you good luck in advance and the wind will always be your friend 👍🏼

Safe flights …


Thanks so much mate! I really couldn’t agree more with you:)

GA definitely is amazing, so relaxing. I really love VFR flying. My baby is the C172, just like your is the XCub, which is also such a beautiful plane…

I would definitely be up for a flight soon, first I will try finish this trip.

Thanks again:D

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Of course 😎🤙🏼
See you my friend…

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My man, your posts get better and better. C172 is an amazing aircraft to fly and what a great route doing a lap of Ireland 🇮🇪

That moon shot wow 😮 amazing stuff keep them coming ☘️🇮🇪

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Thanks Gary! I really do love the C172;)

Expect a lot more coming soon, with the next leg going to Cork:D

Thanks again Gary:)

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Very nice pictures of your VFR flight Rian, shame I could come. Haha, I’m just joking Rian - all is good.

Hold up, you didn’t want to go GA spotting with me? 🤨

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That’s great, lovely pictures, hope to see some more soon (and you’ve inspired me to do something similar!) :)

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Awesome shots! I think I might fly VFR around New Zealand 🤔

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Nice to know that about myself :D

Anyway, I love the shots, although I don’t really like GA. I especially love the moonshot and the picture in the cockpit. Nice work, my friend, keep it up!

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Hahaha thanks Vinne, may I remind you there were literally no GA planes that afternoon and only helicopters😂

Thanks! There will definitely be more coming soon, I’m happy I inspired you to do something similar…

Thanks! That’s a great idea, I’ve seen some pretty amazing scenery around queenstown especially😉

Hahaha still can’t change my opinion, just messing😂
Thanks so much! Maybe do give it a try, it might surprise you!

Thanks guys!