Entire C130 series reverse thrust

There is and issue with the entire Lockheed C130 series, the reverse thrust can be applied at any time. I don’t know why.

I’m using the iPhone 11 iOS 17.2.1

IF 24.1

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The c17 can apply reverse thrust in flight irl so I’m not surprised the c130 can in Infinite Flight


i think they do irl

@130_Spectre_Gunship can help with this. From the brief read I did to his support topic regarding the C-130, I think he may be able to help.

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Yes, the C-17 can use it’s reverses in flight. It’s not modeled in the game to do so. I was told that it’s an older model so maybe if they rework it. The C-130 (at least the Es and Hs) do not have the ability to reverse the pitch of the props past 0 degrees in flight. There is a wall and a lock that only releases when the weight in wheels switch is activated. I’m not sure they will fix the model to take the ability out so I just don’t use it on the c-130 when flying it.

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