Entering the ILS cone

When entering the cone to lets say 25L at lax what altitude should i be at?

Depends on a lot of factors like geography, topography, and other constraints like noise-restrictions and municipal rules. Ergo, the altitude will be different at different airports.

Best suggestion: use the in-app procedures from NAVBlue to get the more realistic and accurate altitudes for each airport! 😄

Agreed on this, the In-App procedures should automatically let you descend to the current altitude you should be (depends on the procedure and the airport height) as Aniket said, on your approach.

destination airport elevation + 3000 = altitude at end of ILS cone in most cases

You’d want to be at 3,600 feet @ waypoint HUNDA → descending for 1,900 feet @ waypoint GIGII. Use the chart above for reference

See YouTube Tutorial For Future Help:

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I like to be around 2800-3000ft entering an ILS cone.

Here’s a cool example to the way approaches work, specifically ILS.

Instrument approaches consist of the localiser, and the glidslope. We’re focusing on the glideslope.

Each approach has a specific degree of a glide path to descend into the airport correctly, this can vary between 2-4⁰, although most of commercial ILS approaches that doesn’t have any major terrain are 3⁰.



A 3⁰ glide path covers about 318ft per nautical mile (according to the source above), which would mean a full 10nm ILS approach would have an entry of about 3,180ft AAL (although can vary on every single approach to its glide path degree, KLAX’s 25L runway has a 3.00 glide path).

Generally I would suggest to be about 2500-3000ft Above Airport Level when inbound on any standard approach.


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