Entering the gate

Hi so I am fine with taxiing, taking off, cruising and landing. However there is one thing I never really focused one and that is maneuvering into a gate. Sometimes I am lined up with the gate however other times I am entering crooked and have to correct slightly before continuing. I feel like this isn’t focused on as much. I would like to know tips on expertly maneuvering to line up with the gate every time like pilots IRL do.

I usually come in at about 5kts GS, and keep my nose gear solid on the line. I don’t start turning in early. I start turning as soon as my nose is about where the gate line is.


Yeah but when I try that I overshoot sometimes and I have to correct. Do you do a rapid turn?

Well pilots in real life have people guiding them.


Ground crew?


Most of the time I try a technique called Oversteering

It takes some practice to get the hang of it, it’s especially useful for long aircraft.


What I do is line up with the line and go about 3-5 GS and then go third person and try and keep straight I usually happen to keep straight, Then once I see those little lines sticking out, I stop on whatever one try to stop on.

Tried doing that and my plane came to a stop and I couldn’t move.

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When that happens you have to move the rudder away from going entirely one direction till you start moving again.

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For the smaller jets the technique is speed no more than 8kts, when your nosewheel is passing the stand mid-line use full rudder, you should line up nicely using this.

You were turning too sharply, don’t delay your turn so much that you have to slide your rudder all the way to left/right.

I start my turn when the engine meets the parking line and i start my turn Left/Right with nose wheel and by the time your nose wheels meets the parking line your Aircraft should me straight on the line

I have problem pacing my turns, most of the time I turn too early and end up not being aligned with the gate. Not all IF airports have turn guides (WSSS for example has them) so it’ll make my life easier.

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