Entering the approach path

I have knowticed that some pilots don’t use the full approach path and instead enter the approach at a different point other to the start like in the picture below

Whenever I try to do this I end up at the wrong altitude and being above the glideslope. Is there anyway of knowing what altitude you should be at along different points on the approach. This may sound confusing but I tried to explain this in the best way possible.

Thanks, Jacob 👍🏻

If entering the ILS cone midway, try to be at 1500ftAGL(pattern altitude) on your base leg. This will put you slightly below the glideslope.

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Good rule of thumb is to be 300 ft above field elevation every nautical mile away you are from the runway. This equates to about a 3 degree glide slope


When you enter the app path you will see tow lights on either side of the runway… hopfully! If they are both red this means you are to low! And if they are both white this means your just to high! So for you to be at the right altitude you need to see one red and one right on both sides of the runway! I hop this helps you and I hope this is what you were asking for!


Glad you understood what I meant. Thanks

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Wait, we have those angled approach lights in IF?? I could never see them, I thought we just simply don’t have that feature! Gotta check it out now, thanks!

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