Entering runway violation

Today I was in fzaa airport and I was asked to taxi to runway 24 which I had to back taxi to but the tower did not ask me to back taxi but I thought if he already to told me to taxi that I am cleared to back taxi and as soon I entered the runway I was violated and also as soon as I started the game and asked for pushback the tower told me to not taxi on grass and I was in my place, can you please revise before just ghosting.

I did not stay 15 mins planning to get ghosted this easily.

I wasn’t even warned

Hello! Please contact @Red7 to clarify any questions you may have about the report. He was your controller at the time and would happily listen to what you have to say and explain anything if necessary.

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I’m the wrong Ian D bro 😂


Sorry about that, trying to find them now. They must have changed their IFC tag.

I PMed Red 7 on slack, not exactly sure of his IFC.

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How can I send this to someone from the staff

I’ve edited my original post. Your controller was @Red7. Please PM him.


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