Enter the server as a viewer

I really wanted to be able to get into the servers just to look at the aircraft traffic to shoot and shoot other aircraft taking off and landing without running the risk of carrying ghost. It would be a camera equal to the sight of the ATC, but without any functions, just to observe the operations of the airport.

I’m very happy with your vote.


Wait! So what ur saying is if Im in Expert and I spawn into an active airport that I can’t just sit there without running the risk of being ghosted?

That would be cool actually

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No not all, if you sit in a proper parking space, IFATCs don’t care, sit for 10 hours, who cares!
Just make sure no parts of the aircraft are blocking a taxiway and you’re in a correct sized spot.


Got my vote. It would be cool to do that and just be able to flip through lots of views

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really. it would be very cool

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That’s really near to the passenger mode, when you can sit in any airplane and be spectator for any take off and landing. Will be cool for VA staff when they are testing some new pilots.


your idea would be really cool, but it would be a lot harder to get to the simulator. I think the free cam would be easier.

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Yep, not every model has elaborated cabin as CRJ or B717. So for first time free camera is a good option. Also FDS can make this mode free to get more players. That’s will be really good for advertising IF!


@feurum you’re absolutely right. it would be great for new users to see everything the simulator has to offer.

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I fully agree with this. Personally, I don’t think this feature is that necessary, as there are times I sit on the tarmac for sometimes up to an hour, on expert, at a controlled airport. Until you request pushback, your out of the controllers way, so they don’t care weather u sty there for 5 minutes or 5 hours

@josiel mentioned already, currently any Grade 3, can spawn on Expert at a proper parking space, and watch what happens. Free cam is great for watching.
I would even suggest you would be ok to tune into Tower frequency from where you are, to listen in. I personally wouldn’t mind this and I don’t think other IFATCs do either, as long as you don’t move.
What could help here, if you change your callsign to something like ‘WATCHING’ or ‘OBSERVING’. Hopefully IFATCs realise you’re just here to watch.
If you’re a Grade 3 you can do that today

@Feurum is taking this a step further, by suggesting to allow non-paying people to spawn on Expert to observe. That, clearly is a different story.
Is this what you’re asking in your feature request?


True :)
But sometimes airport can be so busy that 1 gate for non-flying person can be a problem (especially when there is only 1 runway and 10-15 gates) Plus if non-flying person should spawn with airplane it will take some memory from devices of flying persons…and stuff…

I think that if they added 3D terminals, then you could go through it and see all of the aircraft in it!

I am doing this right now at LEMD!


would be a very interesting resource for everyone.

Haha I saw you spotter 😁


I would be very happy with this feature. ❤❤❤

I think one thing you could do is just spawn in and just sit there and use the free-cam to move to your perfect angle.
I’ve sat in a gate (I checked if it was the correct gate for that aircraft type) for several hours before in a busy IFATC airport, without even doing a flight. I don’t think they really cared; they didn’t even On Guard me!

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