Enter straight in command

Hi all,
Could something please clarify for me the “enter straight in runway xx” for me please and when to use it.
I understand the pattern entry commands but wondered when it was appropriate to just use the “enter straight in”. Does it simply mean fly straight in if the aircraft is positioned flying towards the runway heading or can it be used more liberally


I would also like this clarified 👍

When you call in for landing on a runway, tower may tell you to “enter straight in” which means just fly straight in to the runway assigned to you. The command is most used for planes that were given radar vectors or if there is no approach frequency active


For example:
Pilot “JAY-636 is 12 nautical miles to the east at 3500 ft, inbound for landing, requesting runway 23”
Tower- “JAY-636 enter straight in runway 23.”
So if tower instructs you to enter straight in, you basically fly straight in down to the runway


Right ok great, that explains it.
So if a pilot is on downwind already for a chosen runway and calls in the example you just said and I don’t need to instruct sequencing if the traffic is quiet etc… can I just issue “enter straight in” or so I need to issue “enter left/right base runway xx”.

If an aircraft is on right downwind and calls inbound, you would say “ enter right downwind”
However, if they are sort of in between downwind/base leg (if it looks like they are turning base already), then you can say enter right base

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You can also use this image to help you


Sure, ok thanks.
I’m aware of the patterns was just unsure when to issue certain instructions depending on their position already. You have cleared that up for me, really helpful thanks.

Im training for my IFATC test and just wanted to be 100% on the “enter straight in” particularly

Oh ok!
Just to clarify, you would only give an aircraft a straight in command if they are on the “final” leg, referring to the picture there.
Glad to help ya
Good luck on your IFATC test and see you soon!


Perfect! Thanks very much, Hope to see you on expert ATC soon I just need to fine tune a few things! You’ve been very helpful.

I could do with practicing on tower on TS with a few of you expert guys helping on a few things just to make sure I’m correct on a few things

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You can also make an ATC tracking thread so others can come and fly for you!


Tracking threads are very helpful for that purpose. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of IFATC willing to help you out. :)


Ok thanks guys I’ll do that soon!
Any recommendations for a good airport?

Any airports with parallel runways and arent too close to the crazy EGLL or KLAX airports should be just fine :)


Isn’t enter straight in just how to enter the pattern and not necessarily clearance to land?

Yes, a clearance to land and a pattern entry are two separate things.
Where you are in the pattern determines which pattern entry you receive. If you at the end of the cone or similar, you will get a straight in command.
Clearance to land is ATC giving you permission to land on the runway

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