“Enter left downwind 04”

If an ATC tells me to enter left downwind for 04, does this mean that I have been cleared to make left traffic for 04? Or does he want me to stay on left downwind and await further instructions? Btw controller is IFATC Alberto Lopez.

it most likely means enter left downwind and continue the pattern as normal. BUT DONT LAND UNTIL CLEARED TO LAND! if he wanted you to stay on downwind, he would say “I’ll call your base” or “extend downwind”

but if you wanna be sure make sure to pm the controller @alberto_lopez

I fly in real life and usually the controller would like me to report when on left downwind and then give me clearance to land.

contact my man @alberto_lopez if u have any questions!

Its your pattern entry.

Usually it comes with a sequence e.g. number 3 traffic to follow on left downwind. So you know you’re third in line with 2 aircraft in front and you’re following the one on left downwind.

Its not a landing clearance, just a pattern entry usually accompanied by a sequence. You won’t be subsequently be given turn base. You complete your pattern, but stay in your order issued.

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There was no further instructions whatsoever. I flew a 30 mile downwind and nothing.

Hello, Harry!

I know how in real life they typically have you report a leg of the pattern to receive a clearance. In IF, however, we don’t have the commands required for this to work. Additionally, our radar system is much more advanced so it’s harder for us to loose track of you.

When ATC instructs you to enter a left downwind, this is simply the leg of the pattern they want you to enter on. This means you can turn your base/final whenever you want, assuming you follow your assigned sequence and/or were not told to that the controller will call your base.

If you are very close to the airport and haven’t been cleared, feel free to report your position. Just don’t do this if you’ve already been cleared.

I hope this helps!


You should have turned your own base leg following the aircraft you were sewuenced behind. If there’s nobody in front, you won’t be given a sequence number.

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Ah thanks I get it now!

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