Enter downwind

Whenever ATC tells me to enter downwind, should I enter from current distance away from runway? Or a specific distance away from the runway?



I would suggest following the average distance apart which the aircraft ahead are following …

What if I’m the only aircraft entering downwind?

With this you can understand! :)


This will help you

It says 2 nm on the tutorial, is it possible to know your lateral distance from the runway in IF?

If you are a general aviation aircraft, you should be close enough to the airport that if the engine quits (or in IF if you bring the throttle back to idle) you can still glide back to the airport.

Bigger aircraft with more engines and higher speeds can be further out.

Visual patterns should really be contained inside the first circle around the airport. However since absolutely no one fly’s a proper pattern just follow everyone else.
Pattern altitude
Light 1,000 ft AGL
Heavy 1,500 ft AGL


This should help

Many beginners(also experts sometime) tend to be confused about the upwind, downwind and crosswind. It is the direction of the wind which determins the( crosswind, downwind and upwind)

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