Enter downwind?

Ok so I was doing my decent to KPSP and the ATC said to “enter right downwind” I don’t know what that means and I made the ATC go mad. Tancredi Marchiolo sorry.

Thank for the tip!
Call sign: Qarti 660 heavy

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Thank you very much Boeing! For clearing things up! :D

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If you need any more help we are all here to assist you! Happy flying! :)

I definitely will! 😀

This picture shows the left downwind. If ATC wants you to enter the right downwind, your should enter downwind according to a right pattern, see Tower Approach Pattern - Right and Left ( how to enter links in a better way?).

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I now know what to do when the tower says “enter right/left downwind” it really helped me in the advanced server today and it made the flight even more realistic. Thank you for all the help! Greatly appreciated!