Enter Air Orders More 737 MAXs

Boeing has finally received another 737 MAX order.

Poland-based Enter Air has agreed to order two 737 MAX 8s with options for two more MAXs.

Enter Air currently has two (grounded) 737 MAX 8s in its fleet with four more on order. If Enter Air exercises its options in this order, they’ll have a total of 10 737 MAXs once all have been delivered.

Grzegorz Polaniecki, Enter Air’s general director and board member:

Despite the current crisis, it is important to think about the future. To that end, we have agreed to order additional 737-8 aircraft. Following the rigorous checks that the 737 MAX is undergoing, I am convinced it will be the best aircraft in the world for many years to come.

Full Press Release: News Releases

Congrats to Boeing on securing a 737 MAX order after hundreds of cancellations.


Can’t disagree with that logic. Despite the scrutiny its received, and rightfully so, the MAX is still an important option for airlines with a large 737 fleet looking for new aircraft to replace their aging ones. Hopefully the certification process is smooth, but the MAX is closer to getting back into the skies with each passing day. Congratulations to Boeing, even though this isn’t the largest order ever placed. Maybe this will start an order trend for airlines who’ve been hesitant for announcing MAX orders.

Thanks for keeping us posted @Ishrion! 👌


Go Boeing! I’m really hoping to see the MAXes come back soon.

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Very surprised by this one. I would say it came at a big discount (do we know anything about that?), but still very uncommon to invest in the current market environment.

Also,for,Bowing this has unfortunately a very Limited benefit apart from a Short moral boost. Thanks @Ishrion for sharing the news!

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Glad to hear. Boeing needed a score.

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Wouldnt it be easier to get -800s. Ex Jet Airways maybe

It would, and there’s probably some available in the second-hand market right now, but Enter Air is likely waiting a few years for air travel demand to recover. By the time they take delivery of these additional MAXs, the aviation industry should have recovered already.

There was likely some discount in this purchase and it’s positive news for Boeing

Honestly, they probably got a great price on the aircraft. Boeing needed the sale for morale and publicity more than anything else.

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