Enter Air Boeing 737 MAX 8

With the highly anticipated introduction of the Boeing 737 MAX to Infinite Flight, I am excited to propose the addition of the Enter Air variant. Enter Air, a Polish charter airline, operates the Boeing 737 MAX 8 with a striking livery and modern design. Bringing this aircraft to Infinite Flight would offer virtual pilots the opportunity to explore the skies with a unique European carrier. Let’s rally together and vote to ensure that the Enter Air 737 MAX 8 is considered for inclusion, enhancing the diversity of aircraft options in the simulator. Your enthusiastic support is key in making this request a reality!


I love the fact that this carrier lends ther aircrafts or flies for other carriers when they need the capacity the most! Ive seen them operating for many airlines and also fly charter services all around the world - Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia! Would be a really good addition!

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It’s true, Enter Air usually makes a lot of flights to Cape Verde

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I like this livery a lot, definitely needed aswell, it would mean more routes to fly too

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It’s true, we really need this livery, I can’t wait to fly with it