Enter Air Boeing 737-800

Hello everyone,
Tomorrow I am flying a flight from EICK(Cork) to EFRO(Roveneimi) in the 737-800. This flight was operated in real life last year by Enter Air so this morning I went looking to see if there was already a feature request for this livery, there isnt so here I am. Thank you for visiting

Who is Enter Air?
Enter Air is a Polish charter airline. Pre Covid, they could be seen flying all around Europe flying charter flights for big names such as TUI and Thomas Cook. They also took bookings from people who wanted to charter a plane for a big group of people, like the Cork to Roveneimi flight. The airline began operations in April of 2010 with a single Boeing 737-400. Since then, Enter Air has grown to a fleet size of 24 aircraft comprising of 22 737-800s and 2 737-8 MAX aircraft. They also have 4 MAX aircraft yet to be delivered.

Why is this livery needed?
I think that this livery is needed in Infinite flight because it would really open up Poland and the charter industry in the sim. At the moment there aren’t many charter aircraft in the IF hanger so I think that if more were added you could fly anywhere and it would still be realistic.

What does the livery look like?
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Enter Air livery, here is an Enter Air aircraft at Skiathos in Greece:


I think that the livery looks stunning with the blue stripe running all the way down the fuselage and the blue on the sharklets add a bit of colour as well.

What do you think?
I know what I think of this livery but I want to know what you think of it. Do you like it and do you think it should be added into the IF hanger?
Thank you and Merry Christmas 🎄

Yeah, I’m from Poland, and I see these pretty often. IRL the livery looks even better! You have my support.


What an amazing Livery we need that

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It’s also one of my fav liverys! the new max cabin looks amazing! U got my vote and i’ll try to share it!

We need this!

Voted! Lets bump this livery who fly to many airports in Europe!!!✈️

Photo by me at LFSB Basel!

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I personally don’t want to enter this vote 🤣

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hey man, happy cakeday!